Mission Statement

About HGO ImageThe purpose of the society is to foster interest in astronomy, to encourage and assist members in the study of astronomy and in the making and use of astronomical instruments. The Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society (SVAS) is a nonprofit educational society. One of the oldest astronomical societies in the United States, it was founded in 1945 by 50 local astronomy enthusiasts. SVAS members range from young students and amateurs curious about the night sky to many college professors and even a world-famous comet hunter.

The SVAS serves the community of Northern California through its successful and long-standing Outreach programs and it membership through programs such as telescope workshops, loaner telescopes program and member star parties. The SVAS maintains an Observatory on Forest Service lands high in the Sierra Mountains for use by its members.

March, 2018, SVAS Election Committee

As the March, 2018, SVAS elections draw near, the first step in the election process is to establish an election committee.

The committee will consist of one director and two general members. The SVAS is asking for two general members, or observatory members, to volunteer for the committee.

The election committee will select one candidate they feel is well qualified for each vacant office. They will make sure the candidates are willing to take on the duties of the office, and want to run. The candidate list will be presented at the January SVAS meeting, and the nomination committee will be dissolved at that time.

After the January meeting, the membership has until March 1st, 2018, to submit their choices of candidates for vacant offices. Each written nomination petition must be signed by three SVAS members, and turned in to the SVAS Board or Secretary. These additional candidates will be added to the ballot for the March election meeting.

The positions up for election are:
Vice President
Three even year Directorships

Most of the committee's communication will be via email or phone. Being present at the January Board meeting is recommended. For more information on the election committee select the SVAS Special Rules of Order when available. If you're interested, please email David Macho at: director-DavidMacho@svas.org.

Governing Documents

The SVAS Governing Documents can be accessed by emailing SVAS President Walt Heiges at: president@svas.org
Updated Bylaws can also be accessed by emailing SVAS President Walt Heiges at: president@svas.org