Winter sunset scene at HGO.  Image taken by Stuart Shultz

June is the month for all SVAS members to renew.

Remember time flies when your are having so much fun! Where else can you get so much for only $36.00 a year, or only $3.00 a month, what a deal, that’s around the cost for a cup of coffee from your local neighborhood caffeine pusher. Monthly Member Meetings, with some great speakers! Monthly **Star*Party** get-togethers with like minded people. The ability to become an SVAS Observatory Member with personal access to HGO for only an additional $48.00 per year, remember the Dome is now open for your use also. The chance to share your passion and knowledge with others, and better yet, the opportunity to gleam knowledge for yourself, and who knows maybe you might form what could turn out to be life long friendships.

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June 16, 2017, Solar Eclipse 2017 Presentation! Are you Ready? 8pm at Sacramento City College (SCC)

The much anticipated Solar Eclipse of 2017 is taking place this August 21st!

Get a head start on the excitement and learn a thing or two at this talk which will provide further insight into this unsurpassed phenomenon.

This presentation is two-fold: first it will highlight Ralph Merletti's first total solar eclipse -- February 26, 1979 -- in Montana. Second - the presentation will provide additional information on Eclipses in general and offer tips on the upcoming Eclipse. For example, where are prime viewing locations? do you have the proper tools?

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Jun 17 & 18, 2017 International Sun-Day at the Powerhouse Science Center

SVAS 2017 International Sun-Day PowerHouse Science Center

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