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Comet C/2014 LoveJoy & Venus/Mercury

The shots below were taken by Board Member Kevin Heider. He used his Canon T3i camera attached to the 80mm Stellarvue Refractor mounted on top of the Richey 16" at HGO. Click on each image for a larger view. For the latest comet information and updates make sure to check out Kevin's Comet Corner articles in our members newsletter the SVAS Observer.
Comet Lovejoy Venus Mercury Conjunction
This 2 min exposure of Comet Lovejoy
was shot on 1/12/15.
A 20 second exposure of the Venus &
Mercury pairing captured on 1/13/15.

Click here to see more member shots...

Video Astronomy by Chuck Real

If you were to mention the words video astronomy to someone they would probably ask “what’s moving up there….are you trying to catch a shooting star?” that’s probably the most common misconception of what video astronomy is.  The second misconception among unaware amateur astronomers, is that it is just another form of astro-imaging; taking beautiful portraits of astronomical objects.  Both are wrong…video astronomy is a relatively new tool used to enhance observing rather than astro-photography. Read full article...

Star-B-Q July 17th & 18th, 2015

Don’t miss our annual Star-B-Q held at HGO Blue Canyon on July 17th & 18th! Great raffle, good food, and friends! The July general meeting will be held here, and it’s a great chance to talk to the SVAS Officers and Board about club activities and operations. Check with Richard Sandler for info on the Messier Marathon. Star-B-Q Rules can be viewed here: Star-B-Q Rules

SVAS Joins International SUN-day!

2015 Sun-DayFrom SVAS Vice President Walt Heiges:

Pam Shivak, the coordinator of International SUN-day organization, and I have been coordinating efforts to present this event. I have made the SVAS a participating partner with their event. She has announced our participation on their Facebook group and has put the SVAS logo on their web page with a link back to the SVAS group.

In exchange, we will receive free solar glasses. We ask you to visit their website,and I encourage our members to not only join the International SUN-day Facebook group, but Stephen Ramsden’s CBSAP Facebook group as well. Links to both are below.

We look forward to you sharing your plans and pictures with the SUN-day group and I thank you again for your participation. Sounds like it will be a great event to share with the folks in Sacramento Valley.

Here are the links:

To the SUN-day Facebook group where you will also find the EVENT where you can accept the invite and say you are GOING.

Here is the link to the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project facebook page. Please try to add at least 10 astronomy friends to this group:

Also, please visit www.solarastronomy.org for more information.

2015 Star Party Dates

NGC 364, credit: NASA

The 2015 Star Party Dates have been posted to our: events calendar page.

Contact Observatory Director Perry Preston Porter for more information.

The PowerHouse Science Center