Winter sunset scene at HGO.  Image taken by Stuart Shultz

Lyn VanWinkle and Phil Robinson from Aeroject Rocketdyne - Apr 15th 2016 speaker

Topics will include the Basic Physics and types of Rocket Propulsion, with a focus on some of the systems used to Launch, Control, and Land several of the US Planetary Missions, such as Viking, Cassini, Curiosity, and New Horizons. Technology for future planetary assent systems will also be discussed. Be prepared to learn something new!
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blue canyon nights - auriga ic complex

While the observatory at Blue Canyon (HGO) is blocked by snow this year, members have still walked in to take advantage of the dark nights, using the C 14 in the Dome or their own equipment. One of the more interesteing constellations to observe during these winter months is Auriga, the Charioteer. Auriga has more sights that just the sixth brightest star in the Galaxy, Capella and the Messier Clusters, M36, M37 and M38. In fact, this constellation contains some outstanding nebulae, most notably IC 405, IC 410, and IC 417 read more here...

Upcoming SVAS Elections - March 2016

As the March, 2016, SVAS elections draw near, the first step in the election process is to establish an election committee.

The committee will consist of one director and two general members. The SVAS is asking for two general members, or observatory members, to volunteer for the committee.

The election committee will select one candidate they feel is well qualified for each vacant office. They will make sure the candidates are willing to take on the duties of the office, and want to run. If your interested in participating,
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