Winter sunset scene at HGO.  Image taken by Stuart Shultz

2016 Sunday Funday! September 25th from 11am-3pm

Come join SVAS and the City of Citrus Heights, Sunrise Recreation and Park District and Citrus Heights Regional Chamber for a fun, filled family day packed with solar viewing,inflatables, rides, vendors and food! Click here for information...

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2016 Star-B-Q is here! July 29th-31st

Time really flies, it’s Star-B-Q time again! Time for the SVAS to get ready for this years main event, our big blowout party, a chance to see old friends both human and stellar. High Sierra mountain atmos-phere, clear dark skies, great friends, great food, and some quality time with the heavens. Does it get any better?

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ASTRONOMY 101 - JUN 17TH 2016

SVAS President Walt Heiges will be June's Speaker after the General meeting at 8pm.

Want to learn about basic sky-gazing? This presentation will be perfect for everyone from 8 to 80. Easy to understand with no math to learn, you will gain a better idea of what is there when you look up. I have taken the simple approach to explain the difficult. Join SVAS at Sacramento City College in Mohr Hall.

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blue canyon nights - auriga ic complex

While the observatory at Blue Canyon (HGO) is blocked by snow this year, members have still walked in to take advantage of the dark nights, using the C 14 in the Dome or their own equipment. One of the more interesteing constellations to observe during these winter months is Auriga, the Charioteer. Auriga has more sights that just the sixth brightest star in the Galaxy, Capella and the Messier Clusters, M36, M37 and M38.

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2016 Star Party Dates

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