Winter sunset scene at HGO.  Image taken by Stuart Shultz

Vic maris from stellarvue - feb 19th 2016 speaker

Vic Maris will be February's SVAS Speaker after the General meeting at 8pm.

After being introduced to telescope making at the age of 14, Vic polished his first 6” mirror in the mid 1960’s. Not being content with that he took on the challenge of making a 5” f-15 refractor at the age of 16. After graduation, Vic pursued a career working in California State Parks as a ranger and later, a superintendent, read more here...

Upcoming SVAS Elections - March 2016

As the March, 2016, SVAS elections draw near, the first step in the election process is to establish an election committee.

The committee will consist of one director and two general members. The SVAS is asking for two general members, or observatory members, to volunteer for the committee.

The election committee will select one candidate they feel is well qualified for each vacant office. They will make sure the candidates are willing to take on the duties of the office, and want to run. If your interested in participating, read more here...

Video Imaging by charles jones

The shots below were taken by Board Member Charles Jones. Both shots were taken with a Celestron C6 and a Mallencam Video Camera. It's amazing how much detail these video cameras can pick up in such a short amount of time. Click images below to view full size. To view other member images Click here...

Lagoon Nebula-Charles Jones Horsehead Nebula-Charles Jones
The Lagoon nebula taken on 08/15/15. This is a single 37 sec exp using a Mallencam Video Camera. 
The Horsehead nebula taken on 10/14/15 at 2 am. This is a single 2 min exp using a Mallencam Video Camera. 


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